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The Threat Against Israel July 14, 2007

Posted by Watchman in Isaiah 17, Islam, Israel.

I just wanted to share this nice little chart made by Bok at FulfilledProphecy.com. He writes…

If Israel attacks Iran, Assad will attack Israel with proxy forces from Hizbollah in Lebanon and his own in the Golan, so may Egypt and Jordan, in a repeat of the Yom Kippur war. They saw Israel consumed on one front and tried to open another. We know what happened there. Israel’s military has completely re-written its op-plan after last summer’s war. It is likely that its generals will be told to go “hot” and use everything in their power to win. This could mean battlefield nukes or even a strategic nuclear attack on Damascus (the anticipated Is. 17).Think also about what may happen in Pakistan. We are probably looking at having to send in ground forces to Islamabad Karachi to secure nuclear technology in the wake of a collapse of Musharraf’s government. A US involvement in Iran will undoubtedly result in the ejection or assassination of Musharraf. If we fail to secure Pakistan’s nukes, we’re in big trouble and so is Israel. This is probably the only pin keeping the grenade from going off.

The US does not want a regional war because it means that we have to secure Iraq against an exodus of Syrian refugees into Anbar, it means we have to take on the Iranian Navy, it means we have to defend the Straits of Hormuz, and it means that we may even be attacked by Israel in the process.

Israel has allegedly come darn close to attacking its American ally in Iraq, in an attempt to drop a 20 kiloton weapon on Hamadan, a major Iranian weapons base. In essence, this whole thing is a powder keg waiting to go off, and I wouldn’t put anything past Assad. If major fighting breaks out, most in the region will likely consider it all or nothing. I don’t think this will be the Ezekiel 38/39 war (the magog force will take time to assemble… but they rehearsed it in late 2006), but it could pre-announce it by only a few weeks or months. If there is an attack against Iran or Syria, it will probably be brief and devastating to both Syria and Iran.

Here’s a little graphic I cooked up to show the threat more visually. Feedback welcome.



1. Spirillen - July 14, 2007

Hey there… As I can see on the graphic, Russia is supporting at least three countries, who fight Israel in some way.
But also at the same time we know, that Russia are fighting moslems in Chechnya. And we allready know mr. Putins opinion about islamists.
What is mr. Putins problem, since he cannot decide which side in the big islamic terror vs the world conflict he want’s to take.
If Putin really should do a good thing here, he should stop the support of weapons to these islamist countries and stand side by side with USA-gov. in the war against terror… islamic terror.. Simply cut off all weapon supply to the countries that fight Israel.


2. watchmanbiblestudy - July 14, 2007

I think Putin already has his mind made up who’s side he is on. I have gathered much news on the coming fulfillment of Bible prophecy when Russia will join with Turkey, Iran and Libya among others to attack Israel from the North, the Magog invasion. See the news stories showing these alliances here. It’s part of a larger page sharing what I’ve found in my watching the coming times.

So I would like to believe that everyone leading the nations of the world actually wants peace, but that’s not what I’m reading in the news. And what I’m researching on the New World Order and Islam is revealing an evil desire to create chaos using a plan over 100 years old and possibly older. The goal is global governance where the rule of law is dictated by one man, “…the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.” -According to Albert Pike.

This dark plan includes a very effective tactic, create the chaos needed to bring about social change and control the masses. By creating chaos, laws and rules can be passed that never would have if our security wasn’t threatened. This is all prophecied in the Bible regarding the last days.

3. watchmanbiblestudy - July 14, 2007

Islam has their own prophetic time piece and President Amadinejad is expecting the return of the 12th Mahdi to come from chaos. Here’s a video on the expectations surrounding the 12th Mahdi. The time is ripe and as HIStory, Our Future shows, we may be a matter of years away.

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