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HIStory, Our Future: The Overview December 7, 2007

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I would like to share my reason I believe it will be this generation and that Herb Peters observations and reporting agree. I’ve shared the HIStory, Our Future Bible studies link over and over and decided recently to present the information in shorthand as far as the reason I believe it is significant based on the fact that God’s timeline of prophetic events always revolve around the nation of Israel. And God’s dealing with Israel cannot continue until previous judgments prescribed are completed.

I don’t believe in coincidence and that is what this would have to be if not God’s design spelled out from His Word, here a little and there a little. Isaiah 28:9-13 This is an overview without details in my own words. If you want to verify the individual studies, click the links.

The 14,000 days: First Mention

    This period of time comes initially from math and the Bible, nothing else. Israel kept great records following the Exodus from Egypt. In fact, as expected, much of their timing was related to when they left Egypt. When they left Mt. Sinai for the Promised Land, they recorded how long it had been since leaving Egypt, year-month-day. They did the same for when they crossed the Jordan River into the Promised land, year-month-day. A little math shows that the time between these events was exactly 14,000 days, 38.8 years. Alone this is an interesting fact, but that’s not the only place this exact period of a generation is described. I’ll get to that as we progress through time.

Ezekiel’s 430 Days: Judgments for Israel Completed

    The first Bible prophecy of judgment for Israel that connects to today comes from Ezekiel 4.Servitude of the Nation:
    One quick note, we don’t know the exact day for the first siege of Nebuchadnezzar, but we know it was the summer of 606 BC. This began the “servitude of the nation” as they were taken into captivity. This was the first 70 years of the 430 years of judgment fulfilled. This leaves 360 years left of 430. However, Leviticus 26:18 said that the continued disobedience of Israel would bring a seven-fold addition to their punishment. 360 years x 7 = 2,520 years When the date calculations are done, the end of the servitude of the nation is on the day Israel became a nation again, May 14, 1948! The following charts related to this I borrow from Daniel W. Matson:

    Desolations of Jerusalem:
    It was the third of three sieges of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar that brought about the destruction of the temple on the 9th of Av, 587 BC. This began the desolations of Jerusalem 19 years after the captivity began. Applying the same prophecy framework applied above, another amazing date comes to light at the end of that seven-fold judgment period, June 7, 1967! This should have ended the desolations of Jerusalem as the first time since the diaspora that Israel controlled all of Jerusalem, but they didn’t have faith in God’s provision, which is what I will address below.

The parallels of these relationships are nicely put together in the following image:

    What this does is reveal that God’s prophetic plan for Israel could not begin until the judgments already determined were completed. It just so happens that the beginning and ending of both of these times were snapped into the timeline of human history as prophesied. This more than the fig tree parallel makes me think we are in the end-times, but it gets more intriguing (and all from the Bible)!

Daniel’s 70 Weeks: The First 69

    I won’t get into too much detail because most people know about this prophetic time-table given to Daniel. The time of his receiving it came at the end of the 70-year captivity in Babylon discussed in the 430 days prophecy above. Daniel wanted to know God’s plans for Israel from then on. So through Gabriel, God laid it out for him in the 70 weeks prophecy.The first 69 weeks were fulfilled to the day from the order by Artaxerxes to rebuild the city until the triumphal entry April 6, 32 AD. Source of dates detailed in study linked above.

The 14,000 Days: Second Connection

    At the triumphal entry, the end-date of the first 69 weeks when Yahshua first presented Himself as the Meshiach Nagid fulfilling Zechariah 9:9, Christ prophesied the destruction of the temple. He prophesied this to those there and the children within them. This is a generational prophecy that just so happens to be fulfilled to the day, 14,000 days after He prophesied it! Coincidence? You decide.

The 14,000 Days: Third Connection

    This is the last case that I know of where this exact period of time is found connecting two significant dates related to a generation. The first was the wilderness wanderings where of the 12 spies, only 2 believed in God’s provision to defeat the giants in the land. The second again showed a lack of faith as Daniel prophesied Christ’s triumphal entry yet it was not noticed.This third time it is connected by the same reasoning for delaying God’s design for a generation when on June 7, 1967 after taking control of the Temple Mount for the first time since 70 AD, Israeli leadership gave up control of it to Islam and has been dealing with the consequences ever since. The significant ending date for this instance of the 14,000 days was Rosh Hashanah, 2005, the feast of trumpets and the Hebrew “head of the year.” I ask you considering the previous historical connections to Israel’s judgments and God’s timeline, is it not significant that the final week of seven years according to God’s design would begin on the Hebrew’s first day of the year? I think so.Moreover, on Rosh Hashanah, the very signs in the heavens from Revelation 12:1,2 identifying Israel and the dragon were seen physically in the heavens on that date! Coincidence? You decide.

The 70th week of Daniel

    This point is where I believe the 70th week connects to the time of Israel’s judgments ending, extended by the lack of faith of the generation to which Jerusalem was given. I learned of all this above before finding this website and in this way I differ from the conclusions Herb had regarding the ENP being the start of the 70th week. However, what He presented I agree with and think is the confirmed covenant with many.Where I differ is that I believe God has His week determined for Israel and Satan has his. God’s came to pass at the finishing of Israel’s judgments, allowing God to continue with Israel to woo her back to Him. I believe the seven years of God’s design began on the Hebraic New Year. So God’s week begins according to the precision of the celestial clock showing signs in the heavens coinciding with Bible prophecy identifying Israel and also intersecting socio-political events on the earth to arrive at the focal point of Rosh Hashanah, 2005.Satan’s seven-year plan for Israel is according to his political agenda to control the stumbling-block of the nations and the nations themselves eventually. I agree with Herb’s conclusions as to this being the week mentioned in Daniel 9:27, but I just don’t think that week is God’s week. One reason being that the seven years according to the ENP is 365.2..-day years as opposed to the prophetic years which are always 360 days. The first 69 weeks were completed according to 360-day years and so I would expect the same for the last week of years. So rather than calling the ENP the 70th Week of Daniel, I believe it marks the breaking of the first seal. Note the Genesis 9:13 connection to the “bow” that the rider of the white horse has, a “token of a covenant.” Coincidence? You decide.

Exact-Day Prophecies of Daniel and John

    What is the significance of prophecies in scripture giving exact periods of time related to prophetic events? I believe God puts everything in His Word for a reason and so I determined to find out. What I discovered is that when put together they reveal a framework of exact days within the 70th week of Daniel. I began this study separate from the above after the frustration of rapture debates and how they always seemed to end in “we just don’t know.”God said we would not be in darkness concerning the end and when exact-day prophesies are given concerning events in the future, I felt that was the best place to build a foundation upon that couldn’t be misinterpreted because 1260 days is 1260 days no matter what one thinks.Then one day after having done the above studies separately, an idea just came to me that if I had the framework for the 70th week from scripture and the previous information tying the beginning of the week to Rosh Hashanah, why can’t I put the two together? This led to the chart.

Do you see how these are all linked together and lay out an exact-day design written in the Bible here a little and there a little? When we piece these all together, God’s plan is clearly displayed and the timing of events become clear because the sequence is predicated on times appointed to Israel are connected to the timeline of earth’s history. This is why I believe the time is now, and guesswork and estimations are not necessary as to why we are in the end-times, imo. God’s Word and learning of history and timing according to the celestial clock of the universe God provided is a witness to His promise to the bride that we would not be in darkness regarding His coming. I believe the above information gives a Biblically-based, historic, logical, mathematical and astronomical reason to believe that we are indeed just over a year away from all hell breaking loose and our catching away to meet the Lord in the air. (Pre-wrath rapture)

I’ve been presenting the data, but not really detailing the “whys” so much. I hope this makes my position as to why we are in the end-times more clear and why we don’t have much time left. Don’t believe me just because it sounds convincing though, look over the data and the Bible to see if this resonates with you.

As witnesses on the earth, it behooves us to know the Truth and to have a reason for the hope that is in us. I present this to edify the body of Christ, nothing more. What it has done for me is to cause me to search all of scripture and thereby learn more than just the above information. It has given me reasons and taught me about Christ and His plans which have enabled me to be a better witness. Being able to point to fulfilled prophecy builds my faith and those who are likewise amazed by the glory of God concealed for His kings and priests to search out. Our God is an awesome God and His name will be glorified forever!



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