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Protection From Deception: Navigating Through The Minefield Of Signs And Wonders April 28, 2008

Posted by Watchman in Apostasy, Christian.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to bring this writing by Derek Prince to your attention in light of some research I’ve been doing on the falling away from the Truth. I think this lays things out very well regarding signs and wonders and the need for a solid Biblical foundation and understanding in these matters.

Protection From Deception: Navigating Through The Minefield Of Signs And Wonders by Derek Prince



1. Ron Hood - August 6, 2008

I am very interested in obtaining the 3 audio tapes that make up this book. I have one of the original books. The original is no longer printed by DPM. The new book, which I ordered 10 and sent 9 back because they leave out the most important part of the deceptions. If you have any original books [one with the blue cover and 64 pages], I would like to purchase them. We teach a pray class, and we have been going thru the deception documents for a few months. Please advise us or help us find other books and tapes that address this very thing. I know of a NZ ministry that has the 3 tapes, but they will not make copies for me.


Ron Hood

2. Watchman - August 8, 2008

Hey Ron, I’m sorry I don’t have the tapes, but perhaps someone reading this does. If so, please let us know!

3. Ian - November 15, 2008

Hello you can find these CD’s at

Impact Christian Books, Inc.
332 Leffingwell Ave., Suite 101,
Kirkwood, MO 63122 USA
Tel. 314-822-3309 Fax 314-822-3325

website http://www.impactchristianbooks.com
search Derek Prince
then CD’s
God bless your prayer class. Ian

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